Welcome to Downtime Relaxation, the healthy relaxation dietary supplement from Doctors Select


Formulated with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to promote calmness, relaxation and well being in today’s stressful environment. Ideally suited for ‘downtime’ relaxing at the end of the day or a nighttime elixir to promote a calming relaxing sleep.


Downtime Relaxation is rich in Vitamin D which is the life saver of all vitamins promoting longer and healthier life.


Downtime Relaxation is fortified with B vitamins to promote and maintain overall healtdh and maintain energy and cellular pathways.


Downtime Relaxation delivers total relaxation with NO carbs, NO calories and NO sugar.


Downtime Relaxation is ultra low in sodium.


Downtime Relaxation come in a two serving 16 oz resealable bottle and a single serving 3 oz shot.


And watch out for Doctors Select's new energy dietary supplement, coming this summer ...


Great night's sleep with great energy in the morning. After a month I no longer feel down. - John, TN

Team driving is the ultimate for sleep deprivation. DS took the edge off. First time ever I fell asleep in the truck sleeper within 10 minutes. - Patricia, SC

After one serving I sleep better than ever. My attention in class was amazing. - Katy, MT

I drink 2-3 energy drinks every. I take medications to sleep. DS has replaced both. - Breezy, TX

Not only does it help me relax and feel refreshed but it's got the best taste of anything I've had! - Ron, NY

“I am a driver that was very fortunate to sample the new Doctors Select. I’ll tell you it is sparkly and has a very good flavor. It really works. I was very relaxed and had a good 10 hours of sleep. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go.” - Patricia ‘Breezy’ Crumpton, Breezy, TX

Dr. john

Sodium intake causes an increase in Cardiovascular Disease. It indirectly affects weight by causing fluid retention. Most of the fluid goes into the fat cells and water is heavier than fat. Sodium is the next cigarette for Doctors. DS has already begun to get the word out.

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